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Oriente Hotel Bari

A classic, elegant and charming building is the perfect setting of this elegant hotel, designed for the most demanding guests visiting the splendid Apulian city.

Book now and reserve the room you prefer, but don't waste time: Bari is a particularly important city and the best rooms of Hotel Oriente are in high demand for both the location and the excellent services provided.

Hotel Oriente Bari is an exquisite property designed with classic style and perfect for a stay in the heart of the city to discover the hidden treasures that make it one of the most interesting and important cities of the whole Southern Italy. Just a stone's throw from the sea and the main monuments, this hotel is perfect for families and for couples looking for a high-standard accommodation.

The Oriente Hotel in Bari is a rare hotel that exalts the qualities and charm of this city of ancient traditions that through the centuries became a tourist pole of primary importance.